The main activity of the production association “Prompribor” (Cheboksary) – manufacture and delivery of the actuators type ERI, as well as an accompanying instrument for automatic production process control systems (PCS)

Production complies with the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008), registration number ROSS RU.IF58.K00068.

Actuators MEO (F) production of software “Prompribor” with a rated torque of 6.3 Nm 10 000 Nm widely used in oil and gas, coal mining and oil refining industries, mineral processing, chemical, metallurgical and food industry, electric power facilities and housing and communal services.

The modernized production facilities and well-honed quality management system allows our company to fulfill orders of any size and any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Our production:

ieriermeofПриборы АСУТПТрубопроводная арматураРасходомеры и теплосчётчикиПромышленные контроллерыКомплексные поставки

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